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Frequently Asked Questions

The most important part of everyone’s travel is the experience. Of course it would be relevant how to get to a destination and the accommodation at the end of each day. But the things that would matter most are the memorable exeperiences that you will be enjoying every single day of your holiday. These are the events that you post on Facebook or Instagram, those times that you share quality moments with families and friends, the times you spend your money in things that you love to do most.

I. yourTravy AT A GLANCE

What and who is yourTravy?

yourTravy is a convenient and secure marketplace where you can search and book exciting travel experiences to match the Travylers’ needs based on the preferred location, length of stay, type of activity, and budget.

Skip the ardous task of asking around, searching various websites or googling for the best experience that suits you and your love ones. Let yourTravy be your package tour search and marketplace site.

How do I use yourTravy?

You can search from our wide selection of travel packages with or without signing up. 

Looking for an interesting travel package or researching what to do or where to go for your already advanced booked flights has never been easier. You don’t have to go from one travel agency to another just to compare prices, itineraries, etc.. With yourTravy’s wide selection of listings and easy search function, you can find the best experience that suits you. Just go to our home page and enter the details that you are looking for. But, it will always be best to signup to maximize the functionalities of our platform.

Can I talk to the Experience Provider/Partner if I have questions about the specific listings/experience?

As part of our effort to make it easier to search for the best travel package for you, we have added the feature that all the guests can talk directly to our Experience Providers/Partners. Just Login (or signup, if you still have no yourTravy account) and click the Message Partner button in any of the listings that you would like to know more about.


How do I book an experience?

After you have already found the best experience, price and provider for you, just enter the dates and the number of Travylers in the specific experience you are interested to get and then click Book Now. Your booking request will then be sent to our Experience Partner/Provider for confirmation.

How do I pay?

When the booking request has been confirmed by the Experience Partner (travel agency, tour operator, tour guide or experience guide), you will receive a confirmation email.  To proceed with your payment, please login to your account at, go to My Reservations and click on the Pay Now button to be redirected to Paypal to pay. Once the transaction has been completed, Paypal will redirect you back to

The details of your travel can also be viewed by clicking View Details in your My Reservations page when you login to your account.  This serves as your booking confirmation / invoice.

What are my payment options?

Paypal allows you to pay using your Paypal wallet if you have your Paypal account.  You can also pay using any debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) if you do not have a Paypal account.

Do I need a Paypal account to pay for the booking?

No, you don’t need a Paypal account.  You can directly input your debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) on the Paypal site where you got redirected even without a Paypal account.

Within how many days should I pay the confirmed booking request?

The due date of the payment will normally be indicated on the booking request on your My Reservations.  But we strongly encourage you to pay immediately to secure your booking.

How secure is my payment information like credit card number, etc.?

Only Paypal can collect your payment information. or any other entity does not have access to the payment information that you have entered on Paypal.  Paypal only remits your payment to, but does not inform the site of your payment information.

For more information, Paypal’s privacy statement can be found here.

What should I bring on the actual tour to prove my payment?

Please bring with you a printout or a screenshot of your booking confirmation / invoice, plus 1 valid ID of yourself and your party for identification.

Is there anything else I need to pay to the Experience Partner (travel agency or tour operator) on the actual tour?

The tour listing must indicate what is included on the tour and if there is anything else you need to pay on top of the amount paid via which may include meals, taxes, surcharges or optional entrance, attraction or activity fees.  To be sure, feel free to message the Experience Partner if you wish to clarify this.  Tip is not included in the amount paid, and this will be entirely up to you.

Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?

Once the tour has been booked and its target number of participants reached, the Experience Partner immediately goes ahead to arrange and pay for the transportation, hotels, meals, local tours, etc. included on that particular tour.  For this reason, and to be fair to our Experience Partners, we do not allow cancellations neither do we offer refunds.

But understands that unavoidable personal circumstances may prevent you from participating on the tour.  In cases like these, will allow rescheduling of the booking subject to price difference.  Note though that if the new schedule has a lower price, no amount will be refunded.  You may also transfer your booking to another person, subject to the approval of our Experience Partner.

In cases of force majeure, cancelled/redirected flights or unsuitable weather conditions, yourTravy will normally allow rescheduling or transferring of the booking.  But this will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, please read yourTravy’s Terms and Conditions found here.

Does Travy support affiliate marketing?

Right now, we do not have the means to support affiliate marketing yet.  But as yourTravy continues to evolve, we shall include this on our near-term developments.  To show your interest, please contact us at


How do I give a review for the specific Experience Listing that I just took?

After your trip, you can login and go to your My Reservations menu, you will see the Post Review button within the specific Experience List, your review will be immediately posted on the Listing.

How do I become an Experience Partner and offer our fun and unique experiences?

That’s easy! Just follow this:

  1. Click (for mobile) or Become a Partner (for desktop). Sign-up.
  2. Submit at least one Experience / Tour.
  3. Register by sending us details and business documents.

   *This is required to publish your Experiences / Tours

As a Travel Agency / Tour Operator, what documents do I need to submit when registering to be a Travy Experience Partner?

  For Single Proprietor Businesses:

  1. Certificate of Registration (COR) – BIR Form 2305
  2. Mayor’s Business Permit
  3. Business Name Certificate

  For Corporations/Partnerships:

  1. Certificate of Registration (COR) – BIR Form 2305
  2. Mayor’s Business Permit
  3. List of Incorporators / Partners
  4. First Page of the articles of incorporation (AOI) with the seal which also states the trade name of the entity being applied for

As a tour guide, what documents do I need to submit/prepare when registering my tours?

       For Filipino Citizen Tour Guides:

  1. A Proof of Passing Department of Tourism Training/Seminar or equivalent
  2. NBI Clearance
  3. Occupational Permit
  4. Tour Guide ID

       For Tour Guides who are foreign nationals operating in the Philippines:

  1. Proof of Passing Department of Tourism Training/Seminar or equivalent
  2. NBI Clearance
  3. Occupational Permit
  4. Valid Visa
  5. Working Permit
  6. Tour Guide ID

What kind of personal data does yourTravy collect from its Travyler(s)?

In the ordinary course of business, yourTravy may collect your personal date such as name, address, contact details, gender, age, and other personal information.

How will yourTravy use said personal data?

yourTravy use this data to facilitate our transactions in relation to your booking, administer your account with Us, and most especially, to be more efficient in providing you with Our Experience Partners’ tour and experience packages and other related services.

Is yourTravy bound by the non-disclosure rule of said personal data?

Yes, yourTravy will not disclose your personal information without your consent or in any circumstance not authorized by law or any valid court order or government agency.

How does yourTravy protect such personal data?

yourTravy applies strict security measures and modern technologies to make sure that your personal data are kept confidential and secured with Us.  Our employees are trained to handle your personal date with utmost confidentiality and We have internal control in place to avoid security breach and violation.